31 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

Episode 7 - What Is My Destiny?

Your destiny is unavoidable and wholly inescapable. While this may seem dis-empowering; it is the furthest thing from the truth!You are a divine being, a co-creator, you have the power to shape your life! So take heart and be bold in your choices, deliberate with your thoughts and intentional with your speech.Be mindful of what gets your attention. Be selective with who gets your energy and whose energy you absorb! Do things that feed your soul! Commune with God and ask for direction. Go quiet, spend time with yourself figuring out who you are. Write out the things you enjoy doing, the things that fulfill you. Start from a place of service. Focus on what you can give and what you can contribute!It is all within you, your purpose is within you. So follow your own path! March to the beat of your own drum! You are who you are and that is your power. Don't get caught up with what everyone around you is doing! Do you!
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