13 minutes | Jan 31, 2018

96: 10 Tips for an Amazing Smile

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode96 As children, we tend to smile all the time. Smiles are infectious and make everyone around us so much happier. Unfortunately, as adults, we tend to lose our smile. We become more serious, more jaded, and less open to meeting new people. If you take the time to change this and start smiling more often you’ll find a world of change. People will start approaching you more, your friends and family will appreciate spending more time with you, and you’ll find so many more opportunities than you previously had. It’s important to note that your smile has to be genuine. There’s nothing creepier than a guy with his lips curled into a smile while the rest of his face is dead. On this episode of Real Men Real Style, I’ll give you 10 tips to create a smile that will change your life. 10 Tips to Improve Your Smile: Practice smiling when you meet people. Go to the dentist. Whitening your teeth. Check your teeth using a mirror. Use your eyes when you smile. Use lip balm. Think happy thoughts. Build up your confidence. Consider straightening your teeth or veneers. Practice taking selfies. Highlights: You want people to ask, “Why are you so happy?” Regular check-ups are important to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Receding gum lines will never fully come back. The dentist will have better whitening equipment. You don’t want white teeth. If you don’t have a mirror, use your phone to check your teeth, Carry a floss pick on you. There’s nothing worse than having something in your teeth you can’t get out. A natural smile uses more than just the muscles around your mouth. Cracked lips make you self-conscious. Spend money to fix your teeth. Selfies will help you learn angles you look good in. Practice does make perfect. Mindset Takeaway: A great smile can open a lot of doors. Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode96
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