18 minutes | Jan 3, 2018

92: What to do When Dressing Sharp Backfires

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode92

We all know that people judge you by your appearance, and that’s why we always aspire to be the best-dressed guy in the room.

Unfortunately, those judgments of your appearance can also come with a downfall. People may look at you and think you’re a white collar snob. It may cause problems at work with your boss, or even at home with your family.

The good news is there are always ways to diffuse these situations. There are things you can say and do that will make everything right.

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5 Times Dressing Sharp May be a Problem:
  1. When you dress better than your friends.
  2. You’re dressing rich and successful when you’re not.
  3. Dressing better than your boss.
  4. When your blue-collar dad thinks you dress like a white collar snob.
  5. Dressing up may make you a target for thieves


  • Dressing sharp doesn’t always work out.
  • Make sure your clothes send the message you want.
  • Sometimes people get upset if you make them think about their image
  • You are not your thoughts, you are your wisdom.
  • Dress to be the man you want to be, not the man you are today.
  • There will always be a gap between you and where you want to be.
  • Make sure you communicate and work hard to make your boss look good.
  • Shirts were died Indigo to hide stains.
  • Explain that your suit is your uniform.
  • If you commute to work, you may not want to wear your nicest watch.
  • Invest in outerwear if you commute, and don’t carry valuable things.
Mindset Takeaway:

It’s great to be the best-dressed guy in the room, but you have to be smart about it.

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode92

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