26 minutes | Sep 27, 2017

81: Secrets to Success School Doesn't Teach You

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode81

Our education system doesn’t teach you how to be successful in life - it teaches you how to get by.

You are by teachers that failing is bad, that you have to follow the rules, and that there are solid equations to solve problems. In the real world all of this is false.

In order to be successful you have to fail. A lot. It’s the only way to find the real answer, which are never as easy as 1 + 1 = 2 in the real world. In the real world there are emotions at play, and people rarely follow the logical route.

Lastly rules aren’t set in stone. They are guidelines, and flexible as you are trying to find your way to success. When you reach the top, you set the rules and that’s the position you want to be in.

On this episode of Real Men Real Style we look at ten things school doesn’t teach you that you need to know if you want to be successful.

Download this episode today and get on track and rid yourself of the bad habits you’ve developed due to America’s educational system.

10 Secrets School Doesn’t Teach You:
  1. Go the extra mile.
  2. Make  daily investment in learning something new.
  3. Share you work with others and develop trust.
  4. Making money is a great thing.
  5. Think about abundance, not scarcity.
  6. You can break the rules.
  7. Fail fast, pick yourself up, and try again.
  8. You need to become a great negotiator.
  9. Your view is one out of billions.
  10. Emotion trumps logic.


  • You want to learn how to spot mistake early.
  • There’s no guarantee you will get amazing teachers.
  • School teaches you how to do enough to get by.
  • Going above and beyond will set you apart.
  • Experiment and learn something new all the time
  • In order for you to do a great job you have to rely on teamwork.
  • A one man team can not have as much of a reach.
  • This a world of abundance and we can create wealth.
  • One plus one doesn’t always equal two in business.
  • Rules are guidelines, and can be ok to stray away.
  • Play a game where you can create the rules.
  • In school we try to avoid failure.
  • Failure in life doesn’t mean it’s over - you can try again.
  • Don’t suffer from learned helplessness.
  • There is a psychology to negotiating.
  • Most of us are unfamiliar with other countries and their history.
  • Tests and exams are based on logic, but most of what happens in life are based on emotions.
  • If you learn to master your emotions, you’ll end up doing better than most.
Mindset Takeaway:

School sets you up to get by, not to succeed.


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Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode81
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