19 minutes | Aug 9, 2017

74: 10 Unconventional Style Tips

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode74

Style rules are really just guidelines. They are meant to help put you on the right track to finding your own style.

If everyone were to follow the rules exactly, we would all look the same. No one would stand out, and it would be a very boring world. That’s why we are bringing you this unusual episode of Real Men Real Style.

We explain ways you can go against the grain to find your own personal style. We’ll discuss rules you can “break” in order to not only be the best dressed guy in the room, but also the most eye catching.

Try these 10 unconventional style tips out for yourself and see if they work for you. Maybe they will work for you, maybe they won’t. The important thing is to make mistakes and try new things, that’s the only way to find what really fits you.

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10 Unconventional Style Tips:
  1. Go make style mistakes.
  2. Don’t take your clothing to a tailor.
  3. Wear white or black whenever you want.
  4. Long sleeve shirts in the summer.
  5. Short sleeve polos with a jacket.
  6. Using electric, disposable, and cartridge razors.
  7. Dress for yourself.
  8. Formal with informal matching.
  9. Create a uniform.
  10. Have the courage to be the best dressed man in the room.


  • It’s possible for you to write the rules yourself and create your own game.
  • If you always stay in the lines you’ll never find the real boundaries for you.
  • You can learn to adjust your clothes yourself.
  • Find the right brand for your body type.
  • Wearing white sends the signal that you have the money to let your clothing be trashed.
  • If you have the confidence to pull off a bold color, go for it.
  • Less clothes doesn’t mean you are cooler.
    • Lighter colored breathable fabrics will help reflect and protect.
  • If it’s hot, wear and unlined jacket with a polo shirt to keep cool.
    • This will give you a more casual look.
  • A high quality polo can even work with a casual suit.
  • Try each razor to find what you personally need.
  • Think about what you represent, and dress for that man.
  • You can mix and create interesting combinations with formal and casual clothing.
  • When you find what look is right for you, repeat the style again and again.
    • Get different variations, not exact duplicates.
  • You want to stand out, but not be a cartoon character.
  • Don’t let the environment you are in dictate the way you dress.
  • If you have to wear a specific uniform, pay attention to its fit and presentation.


Mindset Takeaway:

If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t trying.


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Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode74
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