13 minutes | May 9, 2018

107: 5 Reasons to Buy a Watch

Check out the full show notes and resources at RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode107 When I was in the military I used to wear a watch every day. In fact, I didn’t just have one, I had two. Once I got out of the military I stopped wearing them, and honestly forgot about them. When I started doing my YouTube show a company reached out to me and offered for me to wear their watches. I took them up on it, and I became hooked again. A watch has so many benefits. It’s a great way to up your style game, to express yourself, and to make sure you’re punctual (science even says so). On this episode of Real Men Real Style, I break down 5 reasons you should buy a watch. Whether it’s to stop being rude by looking at your phone, have an heirloom to pass down, or just to show off who you are a bit more. Download this episode now to learn how important a watch can be in you life. 5 Reasons to Wear a Watch: Deep meaning You’ll be more punctual Avoid distraction of a cell phone Awesome man jewelry They garner compliments and start conversations. Highlights: The only thing James Bond would wear to bed was a watch. It’s about your relationship with time. Watches can be great heirloom products. Studies show watch wearers tend to arrive earlier. When you check the time on your find, you tend to check other things as well. It can be rude to check the time, and you can’t do it discreetly with a phone. There’s many things you can do with the strap. Watch options give you endless possibilities to express yourself. A lot of people know about watches and want to talk about them. Check out the full show notes and resources at RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode107  
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