21 minutes | Apr 4, 2018

102: Match Patterns Like a Boss

Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode102 On this episode of Real Men Real Style, I have decided to dive into an issue most men are afraid to tackle: patterns. Patterns can be confusing, and you may not know what’s too much or too little. Do you match everything with the same pattern? Do you even know what all of your pattern options are? Don’t worry! I’m going to guide you through all of this simply, and quickly, so you can get out there and really start upping your style game in new ways. But remember, you don’t want to just dive right in. You’re going to want to experiment and explore your options first. There’s nothing that’ll turn you off faster than jumping in too deep and feeling uncomfortable in front of other people. Download this episode now to learn how you can master patterns to stand out and leave a positive visual impact on those around you. 5 Pattern You Should Be Rocking: Stripes Checks Twill weaves Paisley and Floral Dots 5 Rules for Wearing Patterns: Keep patterns muted Bring in patterns gradually Avoid placing similar patterns and proportions next to each other Look for items that compliment, not match Practice wearing patterns Highlights: Patterns are everywhere. Solids won’t bring as many compliments as patterns will. Stripes are the easiest to bring into your wardrobe. Checks are stripes going both directions. If you like solids but want to bring in a pattern, consider a herringbone weave. Florals are best for neck ties and pocket squares. The larger your dot, the more casual it becomes. Patterns don’t need loud crazy colors. It’s easier to lose accessories if you start to feel uncomfortable. Don’t have same sized patterns next to each other. Show your creativity through complimenting patterns. Keep trousers solid Mindset Takeaway: Patterns are like a spice, you don’t need to throw too much in there to pull out the flavor. Show Notes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode102
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