17 minutes | Mar 21, 2018

100: Menfluential

Shownotes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode100 What if you could transform your brand into more than just products or services? Whether it’s your marketing agency or dropshipping business, can you turn your business into an experience or even a multi-day event? The answer is yes. You might be thinking that what you sell isn’t material for a conference. But that’s where you are mistaken. It turns out passion for a brand is a reason to meet with others who share that passion and want to connect with each other. Today, I am discussing my experience building the very popular conference Menfluential, formerly known as StyleCon, where members of the Real Men Real Style community gather every year to connect with each other Are you looking to hear the secrets to building a successful experience for your brand? If so, download this episode of Real Men Real Style now to hear the details. 5 Things Menfluential Can Teach You: Make a positive environment and political barriers disappear Develop multi-day events with virtual tickets to maximize attendance Name your events according to what’s happening inside them Encourage vulnerability by having people share their stories You never know what ideas will sprout out of new businesses Highlights: Deliver content tailored to the medium for your audience. Start small when taking on new entrepreneurial endeavors. Approach new ventures with the mindset of not wanting to lose money. Always try to improve with new projects. Make environments motivational and people will have positive experiences. Sell virtual tickets to widen audience while keeping attendance low. When people share their wounds, others will follow suit. Create a place where your audience feel comfortable asking questions. Thank your customers. Mindset Takeaway: Create an environment where people feel positively supported and you have a business. Shownotes: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode100
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