55 minutes | Apr 12, 2020

COVID-19 Weekly Update 3

In the third weekly episode of the COVID-19 series, Beau calls Australia to speak to Michelle from frugalityandfreedom.com to discuss: How COVID-19 has affected her life so far How Australia and New Zealand are handling the pandemic How Michelle's personal finances have been impacted Financial independence and frugality The live event industry and how it has been decimated The importance of staying positive and taking care of your mental health during times like this Building other forms of capital other than financial capital to help you adapt to changes in the world or your circumstances   Links to things Michelle mentioned in the episode: Rich & Resilient Living blog - Looking Beyond Financial Capital on the Path to Financial Independence http://www.richandresilientliving.com/looking-beyond-financial-capital-on-the-path-to-financial-independence/ Nomad Numbers - Nomad life during COVID-19: exiting Bali and home quarantining in Taiwan https://www.nomadnumbers.com/nomad-life-during-covid-19-exiting-bali-and-home-quarantining-in-taiwan/ Website & social links: FrugalityandFreedom.com Twitter @FrugalityFreedm Instagram @FrugalityandFreedom
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