38 minutes | Mar 11, 2018

#26: What to Expect in OB

#26: What to Expect in OB Our March podcast features a recap of February, Members of the Month, PPB’s and what you’ll be seeing in March’s training cycle. Topics: 1. Recapping February PPB testing and Members of the Month. 2. OB First Initiative – Tell your friends + referral contest 3. March Programming 4. What movements we’ll be focusing on and how to attack them 5. Our PPB testing for the month 6. Goal setting and seeing tangible results 7. Injury prevention, modification and recovery. Related Listening/Reading: Anterior Chain vs. Posterior Chain Correct Front Squat Grip February Podcast January Podcast December Podcast -Dave Monday, 3.12.18 First, For Strength.  5 Front Squats @60-80% 7/s DB Kneeling Bench Rows Complete 1 set every 5′ for 20′ — Then, For Conditioning. A1: 8 Kickstand Swings + 8 Around the World + 100m Run A2: 8 Figure 8 Cleans + 8 KB Pull Throughs + 100m Run B: Rest (x15′)
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