55 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

33: Investment, Macro-Finance, and Geopolitics from 20,000 Meters

Sune Sorensen and Jacob discuss the macro-forces that push investment and finance across the globe, and how geopolitics weaves its way into the world of global finance. Sune is the founder of Librarium Associates, an Advisory Board member at BFI Capital, a Partner and advisor to the Orbis28 Family Office Solutions platform, a Partner at the Malmgren Strategic Institute, and a Board Member and the Director of Macro Research with The Strategic Funds Group.Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:40 What is Macro-Thinking? 06:10 How has the Democratization of Information affected Macro-based insights? 08:27 Discussing Sune's unique perspective based on living in Switzerland22:07 The Future of the EU25:22 Where is Globalization Trending? 36:09 The push and pull between Democracy and Capitalism 42:15 Where does Crypto fall into this conversation? 47:44 Basketball! You can check out the Librarium Associates hereSubscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any new episodes!  We put out new episodes every other MondayQuestions? Reach out at: info@perchperspectives.comSubscribe to the Perch Pod Newsletter HERECheck out LatamPolitik here! 
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