24 minutes | Sep 23rd 2019

"The Idea That Could Save Lives" with Akshay Pradhan

Do you have an idea that is sitting in your mind, just waiting to come to life? Does the world desperately need you to make that idea into something real?

Akshay Pradhan, our guest in this episode of The People People Podcast, made an idea real that is literally meant to save lives in some of the most terrifying moments our society too often provides: public shootings.

Akshay, working in collaboration (a theme we explore) with his partner Sid Bhat created Brella, and we explore the importance and process of doing so.

This podcast has explored the issue of school shootings before (listen here). In this conversation, we hear about Akshay’s collaborative efforts to take action in a modern and practical way.

Here’s the description of the app from the website: “Report live threats (e.g., gun shootings, mysterious activity, bomb threats, etc.) using the extremely simple Brella app. Share alerts, text messages, pictures, and more with other users instantly. The geo-tracker alerts others of the precise location of the threat. The app will automatically save a history of all incidents for your reference. The community has your back.”

Akshay is such a fantastic example of an every day person who chose to turn a conversation with a friend into reality. Listen to his motivation for making the Brella app. Listen to the way he wants to be an example for his kids. And listen to the power of collaboration come to life.

What’s your idea that is lingering in your mind? What does the world need you to make real? Who is the person with whom you need to collaborate because a better world is depending on it?

Special thanks to Akshay for this great conversation!