39 minutes | Sep 27th 2019

"The Double Date" with Tina VanSteenbergen, James Robilotta, and Meggan Mattson

A brand new episode of The People People Podcast… This one is about LOVE! Romance! Amorousness! Passion! Marriage! And everything related to that kind of mushy stuff. Welcome to the special “DOUBLE DATE” episode featuring special guests Tina VanSteenbergen, James Robilotta, Meggan Mattson, and your host Matt Mattson.

This episode is really special. We put a microphone right in the middle of a double date. The show’s host, Matt Mattson along with his wife Meggan Mattson (an entrepreneur and indepent college counselor - click here to learn more) joined for an evening of conversation with James Robilotta and Tina Vansteenbergen. Learn more about James professionally here, and here’s a link for Tina.

The Mattsons have been married for 15 years. Tina and James got married last year. There were discussions about healthy relationships, communication patterns, and the power of compliments.

More than anything, there was genuine love expressed in a way that is too rare. We’re not sure if these two marriages are perfect, but they sure are beautiful and have lessons to share with any listener.

Social Excellence has very real applications to romantic relationships, and this episode offers a fun glimpse at what that looks like in practice.