51 minutes | Oct 6th 2019

"Building A Community" with Scott Spears

Thanks for listening to this new episode of The People People Podcast featuring special guest Scott Spears! Scott is the creator and owner of Scrumptious, Super Zoom Bang Bang, Sock, Schoolhouse, and So RADish in Olde Town Arvada.

What do you think of when you hear the word “community?” If the idea of a thriving small town with happy people milling about seems both delightful and like something from centuries past, you’re not alone. These small “main street” communities seem like an essential part of classic Americana, but didn’t they go the way of the dinosaur and rotary phone?

Well, at least in Arvada, Colorado, community is thriving and it is due in large part to this episode’s guest, Scott Spears.

Scott is an entrepreneur, but more than that, he is a community engineer. He has been a leader in the movement to take one small town that had literally turned into an antique, and transform it into a thriving community.

This podcast includes a BUNCH of awesome tips on practical Social Excellence in action. Listen to how his vision was turned into a reality through real human to human interaction, involvement in community organizations, and creative details that bring people together through fun and joy.

Scott is an example of real Social Excellence in action, and his businesses are some of the most fun, exciting, and happy places you’ll encounter anywhere. Enjoy the podcast, and if you’re ever in Arvada, Colorado, you HAVE TO visit these places!

Scrumptious (http://www.scrumptiousco.com/)

Super Zoom Bang Bang (https://www.facebook.com/superzoombangbang/)

Sock (https://www.facebook.com/sockstandproud/)

Schoolhouse (http://www.schoolhousearvada.com/)

So RADish (http://www.soradish.com/)