46 minutes | Aug 20th 2019

"A Jeffersonian Style Dinner" with Lara Smedley

Have you ever participated in a Jeffersonian Dinner? Let me tell you about this truly one-of-a-kind event I was a part of recently... In fact, let me take you on an audio adventure into the event, and then we’ll talk with the creator of this “Sunset Dinner Experience” produced by Smedley Events, Lara Smedley.

This thoughtful gathering was for one purpose — human connection — strangers gathered in a breathtaking setting, enjoying inspired local cuisine and drinks, and engaging in guided conversation around a shared topic (“Legacy”).

Apparently Thomas Jefferson was known for putting together events like this. They probably didn’t include Colorado sunsets and perfectly timed rainbows and such a fascinating group of folks from all age ranges and life experiences. I was honored to be asked to moderate. This is #socialexcellence in practice.

Enjoy this episode that includes raw audio from event, a deep interview with the creator of the event, and some tips for creating a powerful gathering based on what was learned at this one.

Thanks for listening!