49 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

How To Focus On Things Others Might Find Boring - Nick Isaac

How to focus is a key skill to develop, especially when we are bombarded by so much information and are at the mercy of so much distraction.   Having the ability to tune out the noise so you can tune into the important stuff is one that can be developed.  There are a variety of ways to do it  and in this interview with Queen’s Counsel Nick Isaac, a very busy barrister, we explore how he does it.Nick Isaac is a property litigator with a deep specialist knowledge of Party walls, boundaries and easements.  He is described by Chambers and Partners, the world’s leading provider of legal research and analysis as "utterly brilliant in party wall disputes”. He is the author of the books Where is my Boundary, The New Party Wall Casebook and the Law and Practice of Party WallsAs a silk - which according to Lawyermonthly.com positions him with the bees knees of the legal world - he is a member of Tanfield chambers and relishes the challenge of difficult cases, last minute instructions and novel points.He is the host of the Boundaries masterclass and Party Wall masterclass series of webinars aimed at educating property lawyers and probably knows the Party Wall etc Act 1996 better than anyone.A seasoned mediator and arbitrator he recently did his first video mediation that lasted a full 12 hours.Not satisfied with just dominating his corner of the legal profession Nick also has a passion for learning languages on top of the German and Chinese he studied at university.In this episode we explore how to focus and concentrate on things that others might find boring and uninteresting.
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