46 minutes | Dec 24, 2020

Business Goal Setting And Planning That Works - Robert Craven

Effective business goal setting and planning are crucial if a business is to succeed.  It is the foundation to developing a successful business strategy and then executing on that strategy to make it happen.The goal setting and planning principles that apply to create a successful business also apply to create a successful and productive life. In this insightful and straight talking interview,  business growth expert Robert Craven shares the principles that work for him and his many successful clients.Robert Craven is a highly successful businessman and much sought after expert on entrepreneurship and business growth.He is one of those rare speakers and thought leaders that speaks about how he is actually applying his knowledge and expertise in today’s business environment.The author of at least 10 highly acclaimed books (if you don’t count the foreign language versions), his business philosophies are endorsed by great’s such as Richard Branson who has said his approach “…will turn your business into a powerhouse…"He has been running successful businesses since he was 21 and is now considered one of the leading experts on building, running and growing Digital Agencies working closely with Google to develop their agency training programme.His most recent book Grow Your Digital Agency coupled with his Initiative of the same name, puts him at the forefront of that industry and as such he spoke to or worked with over 4000 agencies in just one quarter of a financial year.A highly engaging, inspirational and funny speaker, his no nonsense approach to business is defined by focusing on ideas that are simple and powerful that work.In this interview we dive deep into how he blends and balances the sometimes conflicting requirements of strategy and execution in running a successful business.
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