18 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

The Pathway for Gender Equality in Jordan (S04E11)

Strong gender stereotypes plague the participation of Jordanian women in daily life. Not only strongly ingrained cultural perceptions, but infrastructure and legislative measures limit women’s ability to fully contribute to society. The lack of gender-friendly facilities and child care outside of the capital, prevent women from even stepping into the workplace. How can meaningful economic and political participation be achieved when so many face these barriers? Fatema of GPPAC sat down with peacebuilder Sanaa Albanawi of the Jordanian National Commission of Women to discuss women’s participation in the Middle East and North Africa. Great improvements can be seen, but what can help to break these cultural barriers? Tune in to hear how for instance interactive theatre can raise awareness for women’s issues and bring Jordan one step closer towards equality. Music credit: 'Coffee Shopping' by Bruno Freitas, licensed under hooksounds.com.
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