22 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

Creating a Diverse and Equal Society in Colombia (S04E07)

In 2018, Colombia had over 7 million internally displaced people. With lockdowns all over the world, it is the most vulnerable and marginalised communities that are the most affected. This is the case in Colombia. How can we change that to build a diverse and equality society for all? Alessia from UNOY wanted to find out, so she sat down with Diego Garzon, the co-founder and project leader of Multicultural. Through his work at Multicultural, he focuses on empowering young people from marginalised communities in Colombia through educational, social and cultural activities. In this episode of the Peace Corner podcast, we discuss how empowering young people is key to creating a culture of peace in Colombia. Beyond that, we take a deep dive into the problems faced by IDPs and other marginalised communities as well as the challenges they face during this pandemic. Check out some of the music videos from Multicultural: https://youtu.be/7Vsi6vYtt0o, https://youtu.be/ayKbKh-gkh0 , https://youtu.be/xpO7g8jCvOA Music credit: 'Coffee Shopping' by Bruno Freitas, licensed under hooksounds.com.
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