18 minutes | Feb 11, 2020

Building a Louder Peacebuilding Movement (S03E08)

Everyday, we are reminded of the war and violent conflict that surrounds us. Televisions, radios and newspapers flood us with the daily reality of humanity at war. But what remains largely invisible are those at the forefront of conflict -peacebuilders, striving for peace. For many it is easier to name warlords than peacebuilders. It is time to move peacebuilding out of the shadows and into the spotlight. We need to highlight its use as a far better alternative to never-ending wars. But how do we change the narrative surrounding peace? How do we widen its scope of reach? Madeline Rose, the Director of +Peace, a new collective action campaign platform housed at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, dropped in to discuss opening up the space of peacebuilding and building a louder peacebuilding movements through the +Peace coalition. Born in the US, Madeline was influenced in her path towards peace by stand out events such as the invasion of Iraq. Through observing violence, she was drawn towards creating peace. With violent conflict at a 30 year high and hate and polarisation consuming societies, the time to act is now. Madeline delves into how the +Peace coalition is moving towards changing the world of peacebuilding. Music credit: 'Coffee Shopping' by Bruno Freitas, licensed under hooksounds.com.
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