26 minutes | Sep 18, 2020

Building a Culture of Peace in Colombia (S04E10)

Colombia has always been an interesting case-study in the peacebuilding field. Since 2016, a lot of optimism exists after having reached a peace agreement with the FARC. However, the fragile peace faces many challenges. The COVID-19 outbreak has deepened the already existing problems, affecting disproportionately the rural areas. In the midst of a crisis, there are always opportunities. La Paz Querida is a group of citizens convinced that a peaceful future is possible for Colombia. In this episode, Carlos from UNOY Peacebuilders sat with Dr. Carlos Lemoine and Dr. Gabriel Murillo, members of LPQ, to discuss their work in promoting a culture of peace and a new ethic based on human dignity. They are making this happen by promoting dialogue and advocating for sustainable social policies to protect the most vulnerable. Tune in to listen to their stories and learn about their efforts to build a culture of peace in Colombia.
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