22 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Activism Through Art: Championing Transgender Rights in India (S05E02)

For centuries, the transgender community across India has been battling for basic livelihood, dignity and social acceptance. In 2014, the Supreme Court of India finally recognised the transgender community’s civil rights in the country. Kalki Subramaniam was one of the most prominent activists behind this milestone. In this episode of the Peace Corner Podcast, Mori Plaschinski from UNOY sits down with transgender activist and artist Kalki Subramaniam to discuss how art can help to advocate for gender diversity and trans rights in India and worldwide. Through Kalki’s “artivism” we learn about the role of trans people as changemakers and their journeys to achieving equality, safety, peace and well-being for their communities. Tune in to discover how performance and art have been key pieces for LGBT+ peacebuilding in Tamilnadu-India, and beyond! Music credit: 'Coffee Shopping' by Bruno Freitas, licensed under hooksounds.com.
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