38 minutes | Aug 15th 2017

PH - 93 | Ron Tuch | How An Army Vet Went Location Independent



Hey Path Hunters!

Today's guest is an army vet turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Started his journey when he got back from Afganistan and had difficulty adjusting back into society but Ron Tuch knew one thing, and that was he wanted to take life into his own hands, follow his love for travel.

Never Give Up

In the beginning of Ron's journey, Ron was looking into partnerships with a friend of his in Calgary Canada, and during this time suddenly that same friend had decided to take a different path in his life, and Ron was faced with a choice. To either go back home or to keep going and build a location independent lifestyle for himself. Which is a great story of never giving up even though it may seem that you don't have any other options. Ron kept going and never gave up.

Chiangmai was the Final Destination

Hearing and reading about Chiangmai Thailand, Ron too was ready to take off to get out there to be surrounded by like minded people, meet other digital nomads, and wanted to get what Chiangmai has to offer.

 Those who succeed, and those who don't

Work, and finding a balance is what Ron recommends to all digital nomads, or people who wants to create this lifestyle. There is a balance between the two and it's about finding that balance.

It was so fun to chat with Ron, and thank you so much my friend for coming onto the Path Hunters podcast.

I look forward to seeing how your journey unfolds!

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