85 minutes | Oct 6, 2020

All I Do Is Win

One of the major concerns when raising a special needs child is expenses. There are different ways to cover your expenses and entrepreneurship is one of them. In this episode Christine Job joins the Parenting Cipher to share how you can launch a money making business that can help you increase your income. By using your current skills and experiences.


  • 3 steps you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How to take your skills abroad and have a profitable business
  • How moving abroad is an act of mental health

Christine Job is the creator, producer, host, and editor of "Flourish In The Foreign" a podcast she launched in May 2020 and that has already received rave reviews and an ever-increasing listening audience.She is a Business Strategist that works primarily with Women of Color led ventures shepherding their products, services, or businesses from ideation to launch.

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