41 minutes | Jun 9th 2018

Mark Your Expertise

Welcome to Episode #19 of The Parenting Biz Podcast - coming to you every single Monday. Now let's chat with this week's featured Guest, Natasa Denman. So this week, our entire interview will be running and kicking around the AFL stadium. Welcome to our first game of the season called “Mark Your Expertise”. Summary of today’s game: Field - we’ve gotta start somewhere… Go to someone who has done it before and ask for some help First time authors - must get over themselves first (mindset is a big journey on this road they embark on) THEN secondary is the strategies and processes. Writing a book, shouldn’t take over your life It’s what you do with the book is where you need to invest extra time Speaking out 5 hours of audio is approximately 40,000 words which is the average size book nowadays The reader can read spoken books twice as fast Tremendous Athletes - basketball sized, with the hands and foot speed of an NFL wide receiver and stamina greater than a soccer player. We as business owners, need to fuel ourselves exactly like a high performance athlete to give our ultimate best not only in the work world but at home as well. Consistency is key Treat that time like a paying client Reverse engineer your plans (i.e numbers, dollars, amount of words, goals, etc) and stick to a consistent schedule (e.g 7 pages a week = 2 x 2hour writing sessions/week for 90 days) What gets scheduled gets done Exercise consistently, eat well and meditate regularly - all 3 of these components require commitment (e.g tell yourself, “it’s part of the routine, just like brushing your teeth”) Do the worst thing first Multiple Skills - in AFL you need quite a few skills to make it - kicking, running, handball to name a few. If you can speak, you can write a book If you’re passionate about a topic - make sure your an expert in your topic Choose the idea that will give you the most leverage (eg. related to your business, help you be more credible, etc) Stadium -The MCG is the 10th largest Stadium in the world and THE largest stadium in Australia and actually the southern hemisphere and holds over 100,000 fans! The money isn’t in the book sales Books aren’t purely going to transform someone's life Books are information and knowledge Transformation occurs at implementation Use the book as your business card on steroids Audience - Raving Fans - The AFL is the 4th highest average attendance of any domestic sport league in the world. These are some serious fans. Help those who are invisible become visible Use the book as your launchpad Build communities on social media Go out and network (eg. own hosted events, speaking gigs, attend as a participant) Focus on building relationships and they will naturally evolve into wanting to help each other out *Final message from today’s game: “It’s not about writing your first book, it’s actually about the person you become at the other end of it.” The person you become, becomes the magnetic for opportunities. Want to contact the guest? Website *GIFT GIVEAWAY* Read The Ultimate 48 Hour Ebook for FREE from Natasa Attend one of Natasa’s super value & super fun preview half day workshop                            Music in Interview is: BACK IN SUMMER by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlasCreative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/sGsC98vR4Q4
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