18 minutes | Jun 5, 2020

The Packet - Security Bytes - Ep 2: Privacy Primer

Privacy is a sometimes poorly understood concept. We provide the Institute's perspective on this important concept; and then come to a unsettling conclusion about our lack of control over our privacy. The sobering fact is, online privacy is not a given. With the complexity and volume of social media platforms, the impenetrable terms and conditions, legalese and business practices that range from sloppy to unscrupulous; to have any privacy each individual has to get informed and consciously act to regain control. In the absence of deliberate effort from all of us, such as installing cookie blockers safely, et cetera, large data brokers will continue to use our personal information to their advantage in any manner they see fit. The only option is to get out there, get informed, retake your privacy, and make your conscious personal choices. For more on the Cyber Institute at ANU, see cyber.anu.edu.au
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