42 minutes | May 5, 2021

You were created to create something only you can create (Coaches series, w/ Brandon Lazarre)

Brandon Lazarre is the founder of Your Purpose Coaching, and serves as a life coach with a unique angle towards helping you discover your specific design… … that design, in turn, launches you into your purpose. 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹 Brandon uses the analogy of an arrow— and says we’ve all been created, like arrows, differently than other arrows. Some arrows… 🎯 Explode and cause a big “boom,” like Rambo. 🎯 Others are like those with which you hunt deer— they resemble a precise surgical scalpel. 🎯 Still others are more blunt— like practice arrows. But they’re all needed, each of them (and others) fulfilling a specific purpose. His tagline is… ⭐️Everyone is created by God to create something that only they can create.⭐️ Read more + listen at https://www.Jenkins.tv/blog/162 
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