29 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

#OolaFinance (Oola 2 /7)

Here’s our definition for Finance…

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Stewarding my resources in such a way that they serve me + my calling rather than enslaving me to serve anything else. Don’t serve payments; do serve your purpose.

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Some background on it—

Think about your financial life…

👉 Are you so strapped for cash before each paycheck that you live on credit cards the rest of the month or take money out of your savings or investments?

👉 Have you ever been unable to pay basic expenses at home because of an expensive and pointless impulse purchase you made?

🤷‍♂️ When we ask, “Who out there writes a monthly budget?” fewer than 5 percent of people raise their hands.


We get that there’s nothing sexy about sitting over a spreadsheet crunching numbers, but this is not cool.

Trying to manage your financial life—not to mention creating an abundant financial future for yourself—is impossible if you’re NOT tracking your spending and sticking with a pre-determined plan.

It’s why so many people have virtually nothing left to invest or save for emergencies—they never budgeted to set aside that money in the first place. Money comes in, money goes out, but nothing sticks.

What’s even more crazy is out-of-control spending—a problem we see everywhere. We want it and we want it now!

And credit makes it so easy to buy stuff we don’t need—usually with high interest rates and hidden fees (and usually overpriced).

Of course, retailers can overprice things because they know we aren’t worried about the price. We’re so excited to buy that we’re only concerned with the payment.

They even tell you it’s “smart” to buy on credit in order to build your credit; what they don’t tell you is that this can keep you in debt indefinitely if you’re not careful. Since everyone else seems to be doing it, most people never consider paying cash or curbing their consumption altogether. It’s so socially prevalent that debt now seems normal.

The reality is, however, if you spend your life serving payments, you can’t live your purpose.



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