41 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

I love you & I want you to be free (Coaches series, w/ Ingrid Cook)

The first thing my friend Ingrid showed me as we began talking was her Bible— the one she had when she was 21. Inside, she wrote an inscription, something she believed God told her… “I love you and I want you to be free.” ⭐️ Ingrid was around alcohol her entire life. Casually. She tried it when she was 12— and immediately spit it out. “That’s important,” she says, “because we learn that it’s an acquired taste. We don’t naturally like things which are harmful to our bodies.” (The good news is that if it’s a learned behavior, you can unlearn it or replace it.) Eventually, she acquired the taste and began drinking more… Especially as she got older (it became more of a crutch, as if often does). And as she got remarried (into a fabulous family of extroverts who never meet strangers, always invite everyone Into the home, and constantly pull out more chairs for more people). “It was just the perfect storm,” she says. She found a path forward and quit. And, her husband, who had been her “drinking buddy,” quit with her... + Read more + listen at www.Jenkins.tv/blog/167 
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