70 minutes | Jul 17, 2020

No 526 - Her Odyssey - Pt1

Traversing the length of the Americas by non-motorized means, connecting stories of the land and its inhabitants.

Part one of a fascinating interview with Bethany ‘Fidgit’ Hughes and Lauren ‘Neon’ Reed who are traveling the length of the Americas by non-motorized means, gathering stories of people along the way, inspiring others to pursue their own audacious dreams.

An epic journey which began at the southern most tip of Argentina in November 2015 and was originally envisioned to be completed in Alaska late 2020, however life, Covid and other things seem to happen when you are making plans.

This isn’t an interview about travelling detail, but one which touches on all kinds of aspects, the original plan, the changes and the sacrifices in an effort to dig deeper than a simple trip report and hear more in depth about the people undertaking the journey, the reasons why and the changes it has made to them.

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