33 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

Virtual Trade Shows, Podcasting, and more with Outdoor Influencer Jenna Celmer [EP 227]

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Jenna Celmer from the Outdoor Dream Jobs Podcast and I talked about her role at Gearmunk, the Facebook Basecamp Group, the future of tradeshows, and much much more.

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Show Notes

Introduction to the Outdoors

It was an accident, but it happened really fast and hard actually. My husband said, let's get into backpacking, let's get into camping. And this was at a time in my life when I was thinking, absolutely not. If there is no chandelier, I will not be attending. So I was really a different person. Then, I started powerlifting, which gave me so much confidence. And I think the reason I didn't want to go into the outdoors with him at first was that I just didn't see myself out there as I've heard many people say similar things. I just saw so many, you know, athletic, white men climbing and stuff. And I was like, I can't do that. And that seems so unattainable. I don't want, what if I have to pee outside? What does that even mean? And it just didn't, I didn't know what was going to happen.

And then all of a sudden I did the powerlifting thing and I'm, okay, well wait, if I can haul all that heavy shit over there, I can do stuff. So we went for a couple of hikes. We went RV camping at first and I was just so immediately hooked. And I think what happened was I thought, wow, I'm actually really present out here, which is not the norm for me. I'm usually doing 25 things at once. And I'm looking at a little screen or a medium screen behind it or a big screen behind that. And all of a sudden I was looking at things that calmed me down and I thought, all right, this is, this is my gig, I'm into it. And I was all of a sudden, fast and hard all about the outdoors. 

Things we talked about

Facebook Basecamp: Outdoor Job & More


Thin Air Show

United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Ali Carr- Outdoor Biz EP 139

Outdoor Dream Jobs




Other Outdoor Activities

Hiking, Overlanding


I answer this question all the time. I feel like, especially for people that are really getting out of college and things of that nature, it's a super-saturated market right now. So my advice right now is maybe a little different than usual. So a lot of people have gotten laid off. We have these crazy, amazing, talented people that are seeking jobs, competing with everybody else. So you need to network like it is your full-time job. You need to go on LinkedIn and find people that you might want to work with and you need to reach out to them and you need to ask them for phone calls and ask them for connections because here's what you're doing. You're raising your hand and you're letting people know I want to work in this industry and I am persistent and I am, I'm going to do a great job.

But the more important thing is the more you network and the more you talk to people, you find out what they need. And if you don't know what someone needs, you can't help them get it. And the real trick to this is figuring out what somebody needs and then proving you can do it and proving that you can provide that value. So for instance, if somebody is like, Oh man, I'm so busy at work. I need to start this podcast, but I have no time. And then I roll up and I'm like, Hey, by the way, I'm really good at producing podcasts. Here's an episode I did. I would love to help you. Somebody busy might be like, absolutely. Please help me. And it could just fall in like that, but also in you just apply through the traditional means, which I also advocate for.

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