33 minutes | Jan 29th 2019

Episode 4: How Outreach.io Built a Million-Dollar Outbound Sales Program through Effort, Curiosity, and Automation // Leadium.io

Brought to you by LeadiumMark Kosoglow joined Outreach.io in 2014 as a commission-only sales rep with 3 customers to becoming the VP of Sales and leading massive revenue and customer growth resulting in $65M in funding in just 4 short years. With 85% of their revenue still generated by the strategic outbound sales program that he developed, it is only perfect that he is our first Outbound Sale Podcast guest! He’s sharing his knowledge on how to build, grow, and structure outbound sales programs and teams from the ground up on this week’s episode. SHOW NOTESConnect With:The Outbound Sale Podcast:  Website // LinkedIn // TwitterKevin Warner:  Leadium // LinkedIn // EmailMark Kosoglow: Outreach // LinkedIn // Twitter
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