12 minutes | Jan 17th 2019

Episode 2: The Keys to Outbound Sales for Enterprise & SMB Businesses // Leadium.io

Brought to you by LeadiumMaybe you’re the owner of a small business, a sales leader for an enterprise sales organization, or just starting your own startup - Kevin Warner (Co-Founder of Leadium) and Mike MacDonald (Partner of SPJ GTM) cover the importance Outbound Sales plays in your revenue growth. In the episode, you will learn how vastly different outbound sales programs are for enterprise and small to midsize businesses (SMBs). You will take away the keys to understanding how your business should approach Outbound to make it your #1 customer acquisition channel. Show NotesConnect With:Mike MacDonald: SPJ GTM // LinkedIn // TwitterThe Outbound Sale Podcast: Website // LinkedIn // TwitterKevin Warner: Leadium // LinkedIn // Email
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