8 minutes | Jan 15th 2019

Episode 1: Scale Your Revenue Through Outbound Sales // Leadium.io

Brought to you by LeadiumIn 2018 Leadium grew 400% year-over-year running successful outbound sales programs for hundreds of clients across the country. We must be doing something right, and thought, why not talk about it? Welcome to The Outbound Sale Podcast! We want to share our knowledge, strategies, and insights about outbound sales so that you - you savvy marketing  leader/business owner - can get qualified leads quicker, set appointments with key decision makers, crush revenue goals, and...hell, be a superstar at your job and actually get some acknowledgement from your boss! Show NotesConnect With:Mike MacDonald: SPJ GTM // LinkedIn // TwitterThe Outbound Sale Podcast: Website // LinkedIn // TwitterKevin Warner: Leadium // LinkedIn // Email
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