58 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

Episode 81: Interview With Ryann Dowdy

Ashleigh and Ryan welcome Ryann Dowdy, sales expert and Co-Founder of Social Sellers Academy, to discuss everything from pre-judging prospects to being a parent in sales. SHOW NOTES Her Sales Journey -Ryann, like many others, landed in sales by accident. Her first job after graduating from college was in radio advertising. -From there, she moved to the digital marketing space and eventually became the Sales Director of a digital marketing startup based in Kansas City. -However, about four months into this role, she realized it wasn’t what she wanted. But she had no idea what her next opportunity would be. -It wasn’t until she started networking that she learned about entrepreneurship and made the switch to teaching sales to female entrepreneurs before founding Social Sellers Academy. Doors Sales Opened -Sales opened many doors professionally, monetarily, and personally for Ryann. Not only did she have the opportunity to travel, but she became comfortable speaking about money and taking control over how much she makes. As well as enjoys making conversation with strangers. Pre-Judging Prospects and Discounts -One of the blocks Ryann had to work through is pre-judging prospects and prices they’re willing to pay based on certain biases. -Many businesses undercut their value by believing the customer is always searching for the cheapest option. Discounts are not a necessity. Training Someone Else -A lot of business owners feel that nobody can sell the way they can. And, it’s true. A new salesperson will not be as good in the beginning. -The goal is to play the long game. Invest the time to hire and train someone now because it’ll help to grow your future business. Parenting and Sales -There are many benefits to entering sales as a parent. As long as you perform, sales creates a lot of flexibility time-wise for parents. And there is ample opportunity for rapid growth. Sales allows you to make more money at a faster rate than most industries. Finding the Right Product -Sometimes it’s not how you’re selling, but what you’re selling. Finding a product that you’re passionate about is the most important building block to a successful sales career. Connect With Ryann -ryanndowdy.com Connect With Ashleigh -Instagram -LinkedIn -Twitter Connect With Ryan -LinkedIn Connect With OSoS -Instagram -LinkedIn -Twitter --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/othersideofsales/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/othersideofsales/support
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