38 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Episode 77: Interview With Kris Holmes

Ashleigh and Kasey talk with Kris Holmes, Founder of Reframing Joy and Opportunity Creator at Proof Point Marketing, about alternative pronouns, being a parent, and how to support non-binary folx. SHOW NOTES Their Sales Journey -After a difficult divorce left them as a single parent, they began to work in construction part-time to support their family. -Connections in construction led them to sales. They’ve now been in sales for 5 years. Being a Parent -Kris had to quickly learn who they were outside of a long, toxic relationship and how to be a parent at the same time. -But, as they developed their parenting skills, they became more confident overall. And, they brought that newfound confidence to their sales career. Pronouns -Throughout their journey, they’ve grown more comfortable presenting themselves however they wish. -Their first girlfriend introduced Kris to the world of non-traditional pronouns, and they began to identify as non-binary (they/them). -They’ve found small ways to integrate this identity into the workplace. One instance is changing their name on Zoom to include their pronouns. And, if they ever are misgendered in a safe working relationship, they will correct the person. Supporting Non-Binary Folx -Part of supporting is practicing owning a mistake. It’s okay, and it will happen. Lean into the awkward conversations. Being Your Full Self -They waited a long time to feel comfortable being fully themselves, and they’d like to see people do that sooner. First, by parents raising their children to be confident in who they are. Second, by others not being assholes and treating people like human beings. -You don’t have to understand a decision to respect someone. Allies -It’s essential to find an ally in your organization. You can leverage them to help you find a safe working environment. -Finding allies is about the micro-moments that compound to build trust. Resources -The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon Connect With Kris -Reframing Joy -LinkedIn --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/othersideofsales/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/othersideofsales/support
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