57 minutes | Feb 23rd 2020

Allison Keating talks human psychology, feeling overwhelmed, communication and your key relationships

On Episode 6 I sit down with expert Allison Keating who is a highly respected registered psychologist, author of a best selling book 'The Secret Life Of Adults, columnist and media contributor. Allison's book is based around your 7 key relationships and how to make them work. There are two parts to this podcast; the second will be exclusive to the TOSOP community area where Allison answers your romantic relationship questions. In this episode we discuss Allison's extensive work in the area of trauma; from dealing with asylum seekers to providing therapy for marital breakdowns. Have you been feeling overwhelmed or exhausted with life lately? We chat about getting in control of you mood, noticing your triggers, the difference between your public and private self. Is your phone ruining your sex life, try communicating the correct way with your partner, and truly accepting yourself before questioning or trying to improve other relationships. Hopefully this podcast will do just that.

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