17 minutes | Dec 3, 2017

Why Do Traders Hate to Hedge? - 009

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A few years ago, I wrote a book about hedging. An entire book. Yes. Hundreds of pages on just hedging and different ways to hedge and how to hedge your portfolio. And actually, the book's name is called Protect Your Portfolio, and it's all about hedging and protecting yourself from different ways of losing money and whatnot, while we're investing. By the way, you can get the book at Hedgingstrategies.org. That's hedgingstrategies.org. Yeah. Thank you for letting me do a shameless plug. Yes. You can buy the book there. It is available. So, if you want to get the whole book, go there, of course.

So basically, what I found was, I was interested in the topic. I looked online and there's really very, very, very little on it. I could not find another book on hedging. There was some books that talked about hedging in a little bit. And there was some videos and stuff that you can, "Oh, you know what? If you wanna protect your portfolio, you should buy a put, and that'll protect your stock. Okay, that's great. But, under what instance do I do it? You know? How many days to expiration? What should I pay for it? What percentage should I protect myself? All these different question I had, there was nothing out there.

But, that's not the point of this podcast, this particular version of the podcast. I thought that that particular book that I'm writing on how to protect yourself, was gonna kick ass. I thought it was gonna sell millions of copies. Remember, I'm an optimist, okay? So, I thought it was gonna sell a heck of a lot of copies. But, it didn't. It still, right now, to this day, I have not recouped the money that I had spent on it with doing all the research and all the writing and all the time that it took. You know, as many copies as we've sold, we've sold a bunch of copies, but we still haven't got our money back on this thing. And I can't understand why. And then, I was like, "Wait a minute. Maybe that's why I couldn't find any other books on the topic. Maybe that's why I couldn't find any courses on the topic. Because people just don't care."

And that's when it hit me. You know? Traders don't like to talk about hedging. They don't. I'm betting that this particular podcast is not gonna get a lot of views, or listens, or downloads. I don't know how they judge if a podcast is popular or not, but this particular issue, or this particular edition, is probably not gonna get a lot because I'm talking about hedging. 'Cause people don't like to talk about it, which is crazy, because that goes against all the scientific studies out there that show that people are more inclined to protect their money, than to make more. It's crazy. You know?



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