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Interview With Trader Dale Hefner - 016

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Dale Hefner is a 81 year old retired business owner in Amarillo Texas.

He has fun spending time with his wife, going into town, and trading options.

Listen in as he shares how he turned a $4,000 account into $21,000 - a $17,000 gain in just 12 months!


Allen:  So, 2011 that was the Option Genius that you signed up with?

Dale:  Yes.  I was originally started and I started doing spreads following you on the Rut, SPX, ETF’s, and during the Iron Condors and the spread.  Didn’t do as many Iron Condors as you were doing, but I did do some.  And then I went to doing the spreads and I had good luck of spreads, but I had many, many spreads back then and still do and I had been exposed to the oil field industry some years back and I started looking at that and then all the sudden out of the clear blue you, you announced that you were going to start Blank Check Traders and I was elated when you did.

I thought, well, this-this is going to be right down my alley and you haven’t let me down or any of your students from the way I can read on the Facebook page.

Allen: Yeah, well we try not to [laughing].  So, do you do this, you’re still working or your full time trading or how long, how many, how long does it take?

Dale: I’m more or less, well, I guess you could call it full-time, I have nothing other than that to do that pays.

Allen:  [laughing].

Dale:  And, I probably make three to four trades a month.  I think last year I made a total of 30-31 trades and after I took my losses off of some of the trades I made I think I made it about $17,000.


Allen:  But like… So, Dale, but how long… how long does it take you to do the trading in time wise?

Dale:  Well, I don’t I try not to stay in a trade over 20 days if I can.

Allen:  Okay.  No, but I’m talking like in a minute.  Does it take you two hours a day? Four hours a day?

Dale:  Oh. No.  My gosh no.  Uh, you know I’ll get up, I’m an early riser, I get up at 5:30/6:00 o’clock, I have my coffee, then when the market opens I’ve already got my screen up.  My think or swim platform up, maybe read up on fundamentals, things of that nature then, uh, then I start watching the market and if it looks pretty non volatile I may go into town, spend some time there, I may go over to my old business office and spend some time there and then that afternoon I might check it and see if I need to make an adjustment or get out.

Dale:  I’d say if I spent a total of an hour a day that-that would be, uh, probably extravagant.

Allen:  Okay.  Alright.  And I do have a personal question for you because I know that we get a lot of folks who are retired or looking to retire soon and I often get this comment from a lot of people that, you know, “Hey Allen I’m in my 60’s” or “Allen, I’m, you know, I’m close to 70 and I just don’t have, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to learn something new.  It’s going to be complicated, I’ve never done this type of trading before.” What-what would you say to that.

Dale: Well, you just almost to the verbatim said some things that some of my friends and associates that I know ask me.  They said how are you doing retiring what you are doing with yourself.  And I get around to tell them that, you know, that I met you on the internet a long time ago back in ’11 and that I’m selling options and that intrigues them and then I get to tell in them about it, then you can see some of them get impressed about it and some of them get very skeptical and you said it well, I don’t know if I can learn it and I just tell them, frankly, what is there to learn, really? I said, hell, you can spend a few hundred bucks and I can put you on to a young man that if you follow his advice and follow his webinars and you can follow hiss trades along with it, you know, if you want to go with ETF’s or Indexes or whatever, but I said I’ll just… I’ve made it my goal to learn the commodities market.  I love it and that’s why I’ve told you in the past in past conversations that I feel like I’ve met my that I’ve found my niche.  I’m 78 years old, I don’t have to make a lot of money, but it sure is nice to have a 25, 30m $45,000 or more coming in.


Dale:  And for people… and for people that get bored during the day I think it would be, you know, there’s times that I come here and look and if it’s snowing outside or bad weather outside, this is a contradiction maybe, but if I got my screen up I’ll come in and check it once every hour. Just for something to do, it gives me something to do.

Allen:  [laughing] Yep. Well, I mean if you’re making that much and the time you’re spending on it, you know, per hour you’re doing pretty well, so, you know…

Dale:  I’ll put it this way, had I known that it was like this and that I could, find someone like you that could explain it in terms that I understood, without making it, uh, you know, sound like it was, you know like some people they bring the Greeks into it and all that.  Well, I’ve studied the Greeks and-and rightfully so, you need to know something about the Greeks if you’re going to play options, but, I just… I think it’s the greatest thing that ever happened.  I wish it happened to me 20 years ago.

Allen:  [laughing].

Dale:  I’d of probably retired had it of happened and I had the fortune of-of-of meeting you, the good fortune of meeting you 20 years ago I’d probably retire 10 years since.



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