17 minutes | Apr 2nd 2018

Best Money Feeling - 22

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Hey there, Genius Nation. I want to ask you a question.

What are some of the best times of your life? Can you think of any? I guess it really depends on how old you are, right?

If you're younger, maybe the best time that you can remember was when you got your driver's license and you went out for your first drive, right? Or maybe when you graduated high school, maybe when you graduated college.

If you're a little bit older, you probably remember the best day of your life was probably when you got married or you had a kid. If you're a little bit older, maybe the day that you actually retired or started your own business or something like that.

How did that make you feel? We have those memories, we had these awesome experiences. Why are they awesome? Because the feelings that we had, when that happened, when that occurred and that's what we remember, that's the power of the feeling. How amazing was that feeling?

Pretty good right? Pretty high, it's like you were on drugs right? I remember when I got married, that's the happiest day I've ever had. I was just super high. The world could have been crashing down burning, but I was so happy, nothing would bother me. Nothing could have touched me. I mean literally you're high on drugs kind of thing.

Have you ever felt that way about money before? Because I know with money, if you don't have it, it's stressful. If you have it, it can be stressful, you know?

The more you have, the more security you got to take, and the more you got to worry about investments and you worry about this and keeping it and getting not ripped off and it can be a very stressful thing, but have you ever had an amazing, awesome, awesome, awesome feeling about money?

Most people don't. That's what this episode is about, because I want to tell you about the most amazing feeling that you can have when it comes to money. For that, I need to tell you a story...



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