85 minutes | Jul 13th 2020

35. The 5 Year Hollywood Plan

Tom Guajardo met Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt at a pool party, proposed to Kelly Ripa (for a screen test), smoked cigars with Gary Busey, and got tough love from Tony Plana. You know this Optimist at the gym, you recognize the tiger’s glowing yellow eyes on his real estate signs, but you may not know about his acting career!    After becoming runner up at the JCPenney hispanic model contest and doing local commercials in San Antonio, he made the leap to Hollywood. He talks about the two Reality TV shows he starred in, his 5 years in Hollywood, and more!   OPTIMISTIC PODCAST INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/optimisticpodcast/ OPTIMISTIC PODCAST SHOWNOTES: https://crossfitoptimistic.com/tom-guajardo/
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