30 minutes | May 26, 2021

98: From Corporate Accounting to DOO Agency Owner with Rachel Kempf

Are you curious about the change that certified Director of Operations have experienced in their careers before and after their certification? Today I am with Rachel Kempf, who has come through round 7 of the Director of Operations (DOO) Certification Program. I want you to learn what it is like to go through the journey and the transformation that takes place before and after the certification process.  We give a lot of content that is generalized in the different areas of operations, but everyone who comes through the program has their own journey and obstacles, and they all find their own destination a little bit differently.  Round 10 of our Director of Operations Certification Program kicks off soon, so don’t forget to check out the details!   Meet Rachel Rachel Kempf is the CEO and Founder of RK Virtual Management and a certified DOO. Rachel comes from a corporate background managing Accounting and Finance departments for small corporations. It's not that she had a love for numbers, but she is a very analytical and type A personality, and working with numbers was an outlet for that side of her personality. During the shutdown in 2020, Rachel started looking for side hustle opportunities and was searching for ways she could offer accounting services in the online space. This is when she quickly fell down the rabbit hole in the online space and discovered the DOO program. She finally found her people and found a way to take the skills she already had and make them into a valuable offer. Since joining DOO Round 7 back in November, Rachel has quit her corporate job, transitioned into her own business full time, and surpassed her corporate income almost double! She is also currently restructuring her business into an agency model so she can take on more clients and leave an even bigger impact on the businesses she works with. How did you and your business change from when you started the certification until now? She got her 1st VA client and was doing accounting work, and they were experiencing a rapid amount of growth at the time that they couldn’t handle She got the opportunity to voice her ideas about how to fill their gaps and they really valued her opinion, which contradicted her current full time job   “I knew I had the skills that were necessary to make big changes and big impact in businesses, but I did not want to spend the time to climb the corporate ladder.” - Rachel Kempf   “Sometimes it can be a long journey to actually be able to exercise the leadership that we were blessed with.” - Natalie Gingrich   How long did it take you to transition from corporate to your own business? Started business in July 2020  Decided to go all in, because she was loving the online world, as opposed to her corporate job in which she was feeling friction Made the jump and the positive changes started immediately She credits this to the DOO program and the community   When you were going through the certification, which pieces of content had the strongest impact on you? The Strategic Mapping Model™ allowed me to get the ROI within the first 3 months It also showed her how she already had the skills to be a strategic partner once she just laid out the framework  She made it her own, and created a very specific offer Any other pieces of the certification that you are leveraging? The HR module  A lot of the larger companies that she dealt with had cultural issues, and this module helped her pull pieces to identify the breakdowns Where are you now? When she first started she was doing accounting services for 1 client She signed her 2nd client less than 2 months into the DOO program, and charged 3x what she charged for her 1st client Has tailored her services around that particular clients needs because she started to see those same needs in other companies Also offers intensives to help clients get past their “stuck” points Realized she wanted to help more people, so she has decided to build an Integrator  agency She creates the plans and lays the foundation, then passes it off to an integrator to implement What would you say to someone considering the DOO?  If you feel like you are not qualified, know that you already have the skills within yourself; you might just need help uncovering them You don’t have to claim the DOO title; the program gives you a skill set that you can make your own title and succeed with it   “I will scream from the mountaintops how good this program is and how much change it’s made for me.” - Rachel Kempf   Connect with Rachel: Website If you are interested in joining or learning more about the DOO Certification Program, make sure to check it out or apply!   Other Ways to Connect with Me: Website Private Facebook Community Facebook Page Instagram This episode was first published at theopsauthority.com/podcast/98.
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