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94: My Favorite Business Growth Resources Over the Past Year

What are your favorite resources when it comes to business growth and development?

If you have listened to the last two episodes, we have been talking about mentors and the types of people you need in your business as you continue to grow and scale. Today I’m wrapping up by sharing what I have been doing as the CEO of The Ops Authority over the last year to continuously grow and develop.


Areas of Growth & Development

I began this business in 2015, and have entered the growth phase of the business about two years in. Right now we are in the beginning of the scaling phase, as our programs are becoming more predictable and our team is being built out. We have attempted to build the program out to fit my personality, style, and goals in order to create a true vision. 


Anytime you are building something like this out you will run into obstacles and things that don't feel like they are in your wheelhouse. Operations come super easy to me, but there were some gaps that I had because my corporate background was very narrow. 


“When you are an entrepreneur, you have the responsibilities of every side of business…  whether you want them or not.” 


In that transition from corporate life to running my own business, it was much more robust of a scope than I’d ever dealt with. I needed to gain some knowledge in several areas. 

Financial Acumen

I’m a spreadsheet person, but being aware of what financials are important is one thing… actually doing them in your own business is a whole other ballgame. I don’t believe that anyone is teaching entrepreneurs the true depth of financial acumen that you need to run a sustainable business that will allow you to scale. I continue to dive into this area which has also allowed me to understand more about retirement, annuities, and all of those important fundamental financial components.



As a Director Of Operations (DOO), and a previous chief of staff for a Fortune 150 company, I am amazing at execution, integrating, and leading people. The difficult part of having my own business was the vision. I needed to be able to dream and find a place where I could  imagine what this business could do... my real “why” for devoting so much time, energy, expertise, investment into this business. 

I had to work very deeply on identifying what my vision is. But, the stronger our financial position gets, the easier it is for me to cast a bigger vision. My vision is so much stronger and bolder and to some degree; I just needed experience and success so I could continue to drive the vision forward and expand it. 


Human Resources

I have 10 years of experience in corporate human resources, and I am always looking for more knowledge about HR practices.

SHRM: I subscribe to SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers) and it's important that I stay up with what is happening in the field. There is so much knowledge about all sizes of businesses. It's a great hub.

Kolbe: The other piece I always want to know more about is the Kolbe, which is a certification and an index that will help you understand people’s natural tendencies to process work. It has played a big role in my business as I help people identify their talent. 



It is so important to know what your gaps are and to stay on top of your industry. These are some of my favorites.

“Know your gaps and stay on top of your industry.”


Bigger Than You by Kelly Roach: Kelly is my business coach, and this was the book that I read (before I started coaching with her) that told me that this woman had what I needed. Some of the foundations that she lays out have allowed me to scale faster in the last 24 months.


Atomic Habits by James Clear: A great book on productivity.


Blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim: This book encouraged me to see what I was doing as a “blue ocean.” It helped me see what impact I could potentially have.


5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni: Patrick is a maven in the leadership space, and has amazing advice about growing teams.


Built to Sell by John Warrillow: When I started, my goal was to replace my corporate income ASAP, so I could continue to build my legacy. This book is an awesome read that helps you think differently about the business you are building.


Giftology by John Ruhli: This book focuses on the client experience. It helped me to see how much a gift can deepen your relationship.


Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones: This is a super short read that packs a big punch.


Dare to Lead by Brene Brown: One of my favorite authors, and everything she does is research based. 


The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You by Lydia Fenet: This is an empowerment book with an amazing story of a woman in a male dominated space. 


Alter Ego by Todd Herman: This book is both strategy and mindset. It is also a personal development book, and has helped me with my mindset as I walk into difficult situations. 


Second in Command with Cameron Herald: Interviews with COOs, who often face the same challenges as DOOs. 


Marketing for Coaches, with Matthew Kimberly: (Formerly “Get a Grip”) I love the host's no nonsense attitude, and that he has content that is specific to how to market as a coach. 


What Works with Tara Mcmillan: I think she is one of the best interviewers of anyone in the podcasting space. I was on her podcast last year, and she finds real people to tell their stories and gleans big lessons from them.


Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast with Emily Hirsh: This gives me my dose of marketing for my specific industry. The episodes are short and give lots of great info that you can implement, all in a short time. 


Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo: I enjoy the way this relates to business, health, wealth, and mindset.


The Newsworthy with Erica Mandy: All the days news boiled down to 10 minutes.



Professionally investing in the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, with Kelly Roach has changed the trajectory of this business and allowed me to get closer to my vision. Having accountability has allowed me to have growth so much faster because I had a support system. This program has allowed me to build the most comprehensive, supportive program that has a focus solely on operators. 


I hope you find these resources as valuable as I have!

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