22 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

92: Four Types of People Who Will Help You Grow Your Business

Who are the people who help you grow and flourish in your business? 

Today, we’re talking about a topic that will hopefully be beneficial as you grow your service based business. Because we are service providers we tend to be the servant type, but today we are talking about the four people you need in your business as it grows. 

Four Types of People You Need In Your Business

A common question I’m asked is “Who do you lean on for support” or “who is your coach?”

As I reflect back over my entire career, I always remember having mentors. I wouldn’t be at this point in my career if I did not have the influence of a variety of different people in my life. I've identified four different types of people who have influenced me in my journey. This is a framework that has served me both personally and professionally.


1. Your Biz Bestie

These are your business influences that have become real friends to you on your journey. They are typically some of the first people who influence your business and are similar to you or are in a similar stage of business. I met many of my biz besties through Facebook groups, and sometimes these people would even turn into clients. 

A biz bestie is someone you have a real life connection with. Business may have been the thing that attracted you to them, but along the way you became good friends. They allow you to be open, candid, and unscripted. 


2. Your Mastermind

The mastermind is a group of people you are drawn to, and who share your values. There is often a common thread amongst the entire group. I've had the best luck in masterminds when we all had a connection around our strongest values, even though the businesses we represented were very different. No one was in the same space, so there was no sense of competition.

I prefer to be in a mastermind of complementary businesses. When people come from different experiences, we tend to collaborate in groups which makes it easy for everyone to share. Over time those masterminds become stronger and stronger, and oftentimes end up being some of your business besties. 


3. Mentor/Coach

This person is typically paid. They have gone before you so they are significantly ahead of you in business. This person has experience and success underneath their belt, they are doing something you aspire to do, and they have what you need.    

I’ve had four different paid mentors at different times in my journey. I’ve reached out and became connected and mentored by someone who had something I needed. Sometimes it was in the operational field, sometimes I leveraged business model experience and knowledge, and currently I am mentored by someone with marketing knowledge.


“One of the richest things I've received from every coach that I've worked with are the strategies that helped them become effective.”


Don't have more than one mentor at a time! Do the internal work to figure out what you need support on, find who you need, and validate that this person aligns with you.


“When our environment becomes pervasive with thought leaders, ideas, and strategies, it can put us in a place of stagnation.”


4. Inspirational Figure

These people may not be in your field, but they are aspirational. You find yourself watching the way they run their business, and the way they show up and build their business. You don’t want to replicate their business but you are influenced by what they are doing. 


It's important to find people who aren't in your space, but still give you an aspirational level to admire. Let it help you connect to what your business could be in the future. Let it help with strategy and innovation, and watch the way other women are thriving in their business. Let it fuel you!


Although the specific people may change over time, you need all four of these women in each stage of business growth!


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