29 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

100: The Difference 100 Episodes Has Made in The Ops Authority Business and Brand

What has changed at The Ops Authority over the last two years since the podcast began?    Today we are celebrating episode 100!  It has been two years of creating content and sharing our hearts and vision with you. It has been quite a journey and that's what we are focusing on today!   The Evolution Through 100 Episodes I want to share the changes we have made since we started in July 2019 and just how we have evolved. Small and online business is such an emerging place to be. It moves and transforms so fast, and change is inevitable!   Where We Started In July 2019, we had just rebranded and done a lot of work to get really clear about what The Ops Authority was going to become. We had done some branding work, built a new website, and also started our new Facebook group that paralleled the podcast.    Personally I was working 40-50 hours/week in my business and wasn’t quite at my ideal stage yet.   From a product perspective I had six different products: One to one services in a retainer model A course The A-team group coaching program The Director of Operations Certification program CEO coaching Consulting “I was beginning to see that I could be a conduit of transformation in a variety of sizes of businesses and in different industries.”   The biggest change I’ve made is the massive simplification. In the last two years, I’ve gone from six products down to one solid product. We moved our business model into a product only model. The only thing we sell is our Director of Operations (DOO) certification program.   Because we had taken the opportunity to niche down into just one product and one avatar, I was able to double down on our marketing and delivery, build good relationships, and expand our team.   Five Star Reviews This is the feedback that keeps me going! It fills me up and fuels me to keep coming back and doing this every single week.   “Every time I have something I’m trying to figure out in my or my client's business, I always check and see whether Natalie has an episode about it…” - Megan, Apple Podcast reviewer   “Natalie has a way of not only making the details of running a business make sense, but also making them handleable. By taking her advice and using her methods my business has grown by leaps and bounds and I’m more confident than ever.  She’s the person you want training the  people who run your business, whether that's you or one of the COOs who go through her program.” - DLCM70, Apple Podcast reviewer   I appreciate these reviews so much, and nothing would make me happier than if you would gift me a five star rating on Apple Podcasts. If you don’t know how to do this, we have created directions (scroll to the bottom) for you.  Marketing The podcast is something that my Director of Marketing had been urging me to do for almost 2 years. Creating content for this podcast has been easy, and I’ve also been a guest on so many other podcasts over this last year. I’ve had a dedicated focus on using audio format and allowing it to drive a lot of our marketing.   We began using the live launch method in which I use a conversion event (master class or 5 day launch) where I teach, and that is the way in which I get people to come into our environment. I want people to get to know who I am and what they will be investing in so that they feel really confident.    We launch our DOO program five times per year, which is more than double than when we started. It allows us to deepen the impact that we have in businesses, as well as watching DOOs exponentially grow their businesses.    Our Facebook group has become an extension of our brand. It's where we talk about content, but also where people are able to post jobs for operators. I really enjoy contributing to other women who are trying to build their business and leverage their operational skills.    We have less focus on opt-ins than we used to. Opt-ins used to be a big part of us, but we are no longer relying on them to move people from cold to warm. We may use one to move people into live launches, but in that case I’m really showing up organically and naturally to move them through our experience.    We also have a different approach to social media. It is not about having a big social media calendar, but instead we are being consistent and engaging. This podcast has been a huge driver and brought in a lot of cold people, who are able to see who we really are, what drives us, what we do, and how we show up.    “Hopefully you can hear my heart every week in one of these 100 podcasts.” Service We doubled down on our delivery. When we simplified our model and went from six products to one, I knew that we would have many fewer distractions.    “My heart is in the delivery.”    That is where I show up best, where the relationships are built, and transformations begin to happen. I can show up as a coach and guide someone in a group setting, but I still want them to feel like it's a one on one interaction. I can show up better and stronger because I’m not trying to do six different things.   As we have scaled, we have brought on a full coaching staff. We have 14 people in addition to me that are helping me from an accountability or an expert coaching perspective with every single cohort that comes through.    I’m not the end all be all of operations, but my gift is to come in and show other people frameworks, methodology, success stories, and things to look out for as they are building and growing in their role as operators. It was very important to me to partner with other women who had the same amount of success. We have updated our program structure. We asked for feedback from DOOs because we truly want to know. Two years ago we would not have been able to make the changes that anyone was recommending, but with this team of women behind me I have been able to ask and act on feedback.    Our team looks wildly different than it did when I started this podcast. Our business and team has been built out, which has allowed us to reinvest back into the team. We have 3 distinct departments: marketing, operations, and delivery.    It's so endearing to know that this podcast has been able to have a ripple effect on you, your business, the way you navigate operations, and the way you have upleveled your career… it means the world to me!   Weekly Ops Activity Please make sure to give us a rating and review (scroll to the bottom) on Apple Podcasts. Post the screenshot of your review in the Facebook group, and you will be getting a very special prize!   Other Ways to Connect with Me: Website Private Facebook Community Facebook Page Instagram This episode was first published at theopsauthority.com/podcast/100.
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