84 minutes | Mar 2, 2020

Who's Your Daddy? Bill McMillan

In this episode, John interviews his father Bill McMillan, not only a famous steelhead angler but also a preeminent historian on salmon, steelhead and trout on the West Coast. Tune in as Bill takes John through his beginnings as an angler, the origins of where and how steelhead got their name, how the old Deschutes River "fishing train" turned his father (John's grandfather) into a fly angler, and why a trip to the Babine River in high school changed his perspective on salmon. --- Our Water Flows App is Live! Download now on iTunes. Android coming soon! Want More Barbless.co Podcasts? We've got most of the West Coast covered now! Check out: https://truckee-tahoe.barbless.co/ | https://socal.barbless.co/ | http://theop.barbless.co/ | https://podcast.barbless.co/ Love What We Do? Help us produce our shows by becoming a Patreon Supporter or by  purchasing a hat at our online store. Want to Advertise?  Do you like the idea of one ad buy to cover 3 locations in California and one in Washington? Yeah, us too! Learn more - send an email to fishon@barbless.co.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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