68 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

Saving Steelhead and Salmon One Movie at a Time

This week John is joined by award-winning film-maker Shane Anderson, who owns North Fork Studios and has spent the past eight years making documentary movies about conserving steelhead and their habitat. Traveling from steelhead rivers in California up along the steelhead highway through the Pacific Northwest and up into Northern British Columbia, Shane has interviewed anglers, scientists, politicians, citizens and experienced and fished in some of the world's last best steelhead rivers. John interviews Shane and they discuss their first meeting and how John tried to only show him the "crappy" water. Tune in to hear the whole story and find out more about Shane's transition from pro-skier to film-maker, his inspiration for making movies, the lessons he has learned on the way, and his new movie on the proposed dam in the Chehalis River basin. If you care about the future of our rivers and fish, this podcast is for you -- and your children. Want more Barbless stuff? Get it here.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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