85 minutes | Apr 15, 2020

Rising From The Ashes: Elwha River Summer Steelhead

A special podcast this week. John has guest film-maker Shane Anderson back for a fun discussion about their snorkel trip into the upper Elwha River this past summer.  Two major dams were removed on the Elwha to help restore habitat and rebuild populations of salmon and steelhead.  While many species have responded positively so far, one in particular has jumped to the forefront: summer steelhead. In this episode, John and Shane talk about their adventure into some of the most remote river-habitat we have remaining in the lower-48.  They reveal the challenges of surveying deep and dangerous canyons, John almost losing some teeth, and the shock and awe of running into several big schools of summer steelhead.  Plus, we reveal where you can watch the movie that Shane Anderson produced for Trout Unlimited: Rising from the Ashes: Elwha River summer steelhead.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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