73 minutes | May 7, 2020

From the Adirondacks to Alaska - Professor Tom Quinn

In this episode long-time professor Dr. Tom Quinn, from the University of Washington, joins John to talk about how he got into nature as a young boy living in New York City, why the Adirondacks were important to his development, and ultimately, how he found his way out west to Seattle and then to Alaska.  Tom has been doing research in Alaska for over three decades, focusing on everything from the body shape and size of sockeye to the effects that bears have on salmon populations.   Tune in to hear John and Tom's wide-ranging discussion. If you are interested in knowing more about why salmon home back to their natal rivers, whether they use the earth's magnetic fields to navigate, how rainbow trout got to Alaska, and a short discussion on the lack of nutrients in rivers in the lower-48, this podcast is for you.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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