65 minutes | May 28, 2020

A Watershed Moment for the Chehalis River - Shane Anderson

This week John interviews film-maker Shane Anderson about his latest movie on a proposed flood-control "dam" project in the Chehalis River: A Watershed Moment. Shane discusses why this movie project was different than his previous work, what he has learned about the history of the Chehalis River, the Native Americans (including Chehalis and Quinault Tribes) that have lived in the basin for millennia, and the potential impacts the flood control project would have on winter steelhead and Chinook salmon.  Tune in for this, and more in-depth back-and-forth on how dam construction and dam removal can impact migratory fish and their population structure, whether there is a more ecologically friendly solution, and of course, Shane lets you know where you can watch his movie and if interested, provide comments on the project.         See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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